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Sultan Miid Hookah (made in Brazil)
Sultan Miid Hookah (made in Brazil)

Sultan Miid Hookah (made in Brazil)

- Miid Stem
- Genie / Aladin Glass Base
- Sultan Miid Plate
- Washable hose
- Sultan Miid Aluminum Cigarette Holder
- Sealing rubbers
- Catcher

Complete hookah Sultan Hookah Miid is a new hookah concept on the market,.
it has the medium size and quality that only Sultan Hookah is able to provide. It has the technologies of the revolutionary invisible purger breather,
which is a functional breather with 3 ducts with an 18mm flow,
which is invisible in the stem. Rubber ready,
the nozzle with coupled sealing rubber,
eliminating the need for separate rubbers.
Rubless technology, allows the hose to connect through magnets,
eliminating the use of seals.
The vessel fitting has the quick hitch technology quick coupling
system, providing practicality and safety for its transport.