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B2 Hookah® V3 (USA)
B2 Hookah® V3 (USA)
B2 Hookah® V3 (USA)
B2 Hookah® V3 (USA)
B2 Hookah® V3 (USA)
B2 Hookah® V3 (USA)
B2 Hookah® V3 (USA)

B2 Hookah® V3 (USA)


The B2 Hookah ® v3 is created for the aficionado hookah smoker, with its easy assembly and disassembly, it is perfect for all types of smokers. With our patent pending design, you can increase and decrease the size of the hookah with just a few turns on the threading. Our products are all made in the USA and offer the highest quality in materials. The patent pending “heat sink” design creates a self-cooling process, allowing for the smoothest smoke throughout your session. Our modular design allows for 3 different heights.

B2 Hookah® is designed using high grade quality 6061 Aluminum. Designed and made in the USA using aerospace certified CNC machinists. Our production manufacturing is ISO 9001 and AS 9100 certified.

All products come with a unique serial number and certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing your authenticity.

Each B2 Hookah®  comes with a unique serial number and authenticity card.

What’s Included:

  1. B2 PCC Stem:
    B2 Top Piece
    (2) B2 Body Piece
    B2 Base Piece
    B2 Stem Piece
    B2 Purge Valve with Ball
    B2 Hose Valve
    B2 Diffuser
  2. B2 v2 Tray
  3. B2 v4 Hose
  4. Matching Base
  5. Carrying Case
  6. Authenticity Card
  7. Instruction Card & Packet


B2 Hookah® Colors: Black, Gold, Limited Edition Blue, Limited Edition Galaxy Splash

All products made by B2 Hookah® are ran in small batch productions. This process does not guarantee exact fit pieces from different batches, it also does not guarantee anodising color matches, and other processing steps.