Azure 100g Black Line

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Are you looking for a unique flavor with a buzz to match? You're in the right spot with the Azure 100g dark leaf tobacco pouches.

The Azure Black Line features a buzzy dark leaf tobacco that produces a heavier flavor profile with longer lasting flavor. This tobacco is handcrafted for fans of stronger flavor and might be too much for a first time hookah session.

These blends will arrive in a resealable 100g pouch.
Bengal Citrus - Did someone ask for some real citrus flavor?
Bermuda Mint - According to John in the warehouse this stuff is strong. Powerful mint just a touch will do for mixing.
Cactus Blast - This mango and pineapple blend offers a refreshing smoke
Cairo Crypt Tonight - One bold combination of cherry and mint
California Blue - Fresh blueberries get the support of mint
Chai Masala - Spiced chai with tea notes
Cinnamon Cookies - There's no crunch but the cookie is real
Cosmos - "We're gonna guess cosmos but don't quote us"
Cool Cucumber (HS Exclusive) - An exclusive flavor that you'll only find here, this blend of crisp cucumber with a refreshingly cool exhale is the perfect summer flavor!
Dubai Apple - A modern twist on the class flavor of Double Apple
Grapemania - A crazy amount of grapes sitting on mints
Grow A Pear - You get it. It's pear!
Lemon Muffin - A citrus twist on the Blueberry formula; mix them for a Lemon Blueberry Muffin
Mango Cheesecake - The sweet flavor of Mango combined with the creamy, dessertiness of cheesecake!
Matcha Mint - Earthy green tea merges with sweet and cooling mint!
Melon King - Honey dew and mint with a secret fruit blend.
Moroccan Tea - This glass of green tea comes with a couple spoons of honey
Napa Grape - A straight to the point flavor rush of bold purple grape.
Orange My Guava - Sweet orange with a little spice with a bright surprise of ripe guava
Pep Cream - Creamy vanilla with sweet, cooling peppermint
Royal Citrus - An orange and lemon zest mix that is sure to leave you feeling like royalty
San Diego Sunset - Take a step back before cracking open this citrus pineapple blend
Strawberry Guava - Sweet strawberry mixed with guava that offers a unique smoking experience
Strawberry Passion - The strawberry blends continue with this awesome combination featuring passion fruit.
Sweet Summer Sun - Creamy blend that instantly reminds us of cereal
Ultra Violet -- A little floral with a touch of fruit makes this an ultra mix.
Unicorn - We haven't opened this one yet but in their words "This flavor is so tasty and cool, you will feel mythical"
Viva La Horchata - You guessed it....Horchata